Venturist, Incorporated
Montgomery, Alabama

Since its founding in 1995, Venturist, Incorporated has helped hundreds of companies and organizations around the world improve their business results.  Venturist believes that the key to success in any competitive activity, whether war, business, or politics, is strategy.  If an organization gets the strategy about right, it will have a high probability of realizing its objectives even if its competitors outmatch it in tactical performance.

 To develop and produce a good strategy, an organization must understand the principles of strategy, use the principles to design for itself a strategic plan, and then ensure that everyone in the organization understands and actively promotes the plan.  Venturist helps companies with each of these critical areas.

 The Venturist approach to strategy, first conceptualized by its founder, John Warden, during his service in the United States Air Force, is unique.  Named the Prometheus Process after the Greek figure from mythology who gave mankind both fire and the ability to think ahead, the process has four basic imperatives and a set of Cardinal Rules.

 Venturist helps its clients learn, develop, and execute strategy through educational training, on-site assistance programs, and an array of explanatory products.

 Over the years, Venturist has helped organizations ranging from high technology manufacturing to large scale retail and from the very large such as Texas Instruments to the very small such as  Venturist has also done extensive work with start-up’s including the spectacularly successful TopAces in Montreal, Canada, and Lyfe Kitchen in Palo Alto, California.  Venturist has also helped government agencies, municipalities, non-profits, charities, colleges and universities, and hospitals.  All have benefitted by learning and using good strategy methodology. 

 Venturist licensing program:  Venturist licenses its process to carefully selected and trained companies and individual consultants.  These licensees have made it possible to help many additional companies learn the Prometheus Process and to give Venturist the scale to handle assignments of any size and complexity.

 Venturist has had many successes in its history, has improved its methodology significantly, and looks forward to helping many more organizations realize their inherent potential through application of the unique strategy principles of the Prometheus Process.


Venturist Leadership: 

John Warden:  Founder and president

Mike Cline:  Vice President.  Mike Cline served in a variety of Air Force command and staff positions, was a top instructor at the Air Force Command and Staff College, has been with Venturist since 1996, and has instructed hundreds of business executives on the principles of strategy.

Lisa Frederiksen:  Director of Operations.  Before joining Venturist in 2005, Lisa served in a variety of management and supervisory positions with McDonald’s at the regional level and with McDonald’s franchisee operations.

Prometheus Associates:  Prometheus Associates are people who have attended the Academy and have worked on a variety of strategy programs with Venturist.  In addition to their strategy expertise, they are all subject matter experts in fields ranging from aviation to finance to marketing to management.